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Meet us in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2016

posted by Mococheck on Jan 27, 2016

For the sixth year in a row Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona, the GSMA Mobile capital. It is truly one of the biggest mobile industry events of the year as it brings together mobile operators, device manufacturers, software companies and companies; basically, the entire mobile world. We will be exhibiting at the mobile […]

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MOCOCHECK’s expansion to Southeast Asia – Thailand and Singapore are on the map

posted by Mococheck on Jan 26, 2016

Thailand and Singapore are two new countries added to the MOCOCHECK coverage, as we continue our expansion to Southeast Asia. Thailand is home to 97 million mobile subscribers who daily, on average, spend more than 4 hours on mobile Internet. They mostly use their smartphones to do so, and most of that time is spent […]

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Test campaigns and services in the richest Gulf country

posted by Mococheck on Jan 25, 2016

  Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the Gulf region, rising from rags to riches in mere 75 years. Today’s population of Qatar is over 2 million, out of which less than half is local population. 75% (2013) of people living and working in Qatar are immigrants who came to the country following […]

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Meet us @ Internext 2016

posted by Mococheck on Jan 04, 2016

If you are interested in the online entertainment industry, Internext 2016 is the event that you don’t want to miss. Over 50 countries worldwide are sending their representatives to the Internext Expo, the largest adult digital conference globally. Attendees include CEOs and decision makers from the online entertainment industry. Just last year there were over […]

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Meet us in Paris Las Vegas – Affiliate Summit West 2016

posted by Mococheck on Dec 14, 2015

Affiliate Summit West 2016 is the place to be at the very beginning of the new year. Thousands of marketers, merchants, vendors and networks gather at one place for a full three-day program. The Summit is an excellent opportunity to meet and do business with experts in affiliate marketing from all over the world, and […]

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How To Use Mobile Ad Verification Service Without Spending a Fortune

posted by Mococheck on Aug 21, 2015

The inability to check inventories abroad is a common problem among publishers. One might use a proxy network for this purpose, but this brings an inevitable drawback – 3G flow is not supported and MSISDN cannot be acquired.

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Meet us @ dmexco in Cologne

posted by Mococheck on Aug 19, 2015

   “Live Mobile Advertising Verification” is a vital piece of your success puzzle  Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn the secret to success from brands such as Google, Instagram, Coca-Cola, Twitter and Facebook? Yes, it would be amazing, and yes, you can! Representatives of those brands and many others will be speaking at […]

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Reliable mobile content and SMS testing in Costa Rica

posted by Mococheck on Apr 30, 2015

MOCOCHECK is now available in Costa Rica, toucan capital of the world. You can use it as an SMS testing platform, to easily test your digital mobile content, services and campaigns before they are launched, or to perform a market research.

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The secret of successful SMS loyalty programs – testing

posted by Mococheck on Apr 10, 2015

SMS is the ideal means for communication in loyalty programs, albeit it does have a few drawbacks. For one, you can’t be 100% sure that 100% of messages reach their destination, or is the content displayed correctly in international markets.

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Testing in world’s largest mobile market – CHINA

posted by Mococheck on Mar 26, 2015

MOCOCHECK is excited to announce that you can now test services, campaigns and mobile content in China, the largest mobile market in the world. Even though the smartphone penetration does not differ from the penetration in other mobile-advanced markets, China is a specific market that requires thorough testing to yield high profits for your services and campaigns.

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