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How To Use Mobile Ad Verification Service Without Spending a Fortune

posted by Mococheck on Aug 21, 2015


The inability to check inventories abroad is a common problem among publishers. One might use a proxy network for this purpose, but this brings an inevitable drawback – 3G flow is not supported and MSISDN cannot be acquired.

MOCOCHECK is currently the only network of locally placed 3G and 4G modems in 60+ countries. With it, publishers and advertisers get a unique way of controling campaigns and inventory with real SIM cards of more than 200 mobile operators from a single point of access, PC computer or laptop. In addition to controlling whether the inventory had been displayed correctly, you can instantly check the payment flow in campaigns that support it.

Our MOCOCHECK team works with affiliate networks and performance marketing companies to help them ensure excellence. Affiliate networks can:

  • Use mobile ad verification to test mobile impressions from every mobile operator and every publisher each time a page is opened.
  • Test clicks and redirects to offer pages on mobile.
  • Confirm if mobile campaign content is displayed as intended.
  • Verify mobile impressions, clicks and conversions.
  • Verify payment flow for mobile billing.

Using MOCOCHECK Mobile Ad Verification allows you to test and verify your campaign and payment and prevent errors in the flow. This makes the service an imperative tool for marketers who assume mobile safety and premium CPMs.

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