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MOCOCHECK’s expansion to Southeast Asia – Thailand and Singapore are on the map

posted by Mococheck on Jan 26, 2016

Mococheck in Thailand and Singapore

Thailand and Singapore are two new countries added to the MOCOCHECK coverage, as we continue our expansion to Southeast Asia.

Thailand is home to 97 million mobile subscribers who daily, on average, spend more than 4 hours on mobile Internet. They mostly use their smartphones to do so, and most of that time is spent on social media activities.

Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration globally, with nine out of ten people having access to a smartphone. Mobile users mostly use instant messaging, and most active users are those between ages 25 and 34.

If you have a service or campaign running in Thailand or Singapore, and no local presence, you can now use MOCOCHECK to test service flow and payment completion as well as ad compliance and targeting. Even if you are planning to expand to Thai or Singapore market, you can use MOCOCHECK to perform market and competition research.


  • Test reliability and quality of your SMS marketing (Bulk SMS) campaigns
  • Confirm that your mobile payment via Premium SMS or direct carrier billing is executed properly
  • Test whether content can be accessed and is displayed properly
  • Check special characters
  • Test mobile clicks and redirects to offer pages
  • Verify mobile impressions, clicks and conversions

Start testing immediately or contact us for more info.