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Meet us @ Internext 2016

posted by Mococheck on Jan 04, 2016


If you are interested in the online entertainment industry, Internext 2016 is the event that you don’t want to miss.

Over 50 countries worldwide are sending their representatives to the Internext Expo, the largest adult digital conference globally. Attendees include CEOs and decision makers from the online entertainment industry. Just last year there were over 2000 attendees who took part in all Expo events, such as educational seminars, business meetings, parties and dinners.

Countless networking and business opportunities await all visitors including affiliates, mobile advertisers, content providers, payment providers, software companies and all relevant players from the industry. 

MOCOCHECK team will also be at the Internext 2016. We want to share our story and present our unique solution for mobile campaign and mobile services verification worldwide. If you are an affiliate network or mobile advertiser planning to attend the Internext, you’ll have the opportunity to see first-hand how it can benefit your business.

Our team is ready to meet up and show you how to teleport your businesses to a whole new world of possibilities and achieve remarkable success.
Get in touch and schedule a meeting with our team or use the contact form.

Markus Ott Mococheck Petra Mejas Mococheck Gordan Krekovic CEO AdCumulus
Markus Ott
Head of Mococheck

Petra Mejas Jurinjak
Head of Sales at NTH Mobile

Gordan Krekovic
Head of AdCumulus