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Reliable mobile content and SMS testing in Costa Rica

posted by Mococheck on Apr 30, 2015


MOCOCHECK is now available in Costa Rica, toucan capital of the world. You can use it as an SMS testing platform, to easily test your digital mobile content, services and campaigns before they are launched, or to perform a market research.

In Costa Rica, more than 71% of users connect to the Internet via their cell phone. They are served by modern telecom infrastructure that has the second highest Internet penetration in Latin America.

With mobile penetration of 108.69% and more than 5.5 million subscribers, Costa Rican subscribers as in the rest of the world are using mobile phones to stay in touch. If your company operates in Costa Rica, and you want to make sure your communication with customers is seamless and clear, be sure to test it.

The first mobile carriers that have joined Mococheck are Kölbi, Movistar and Claro, which adds up to over 95% of the market. Using Mococheck you can:

  • test bulk SMS
  • test premium SMS
  • test mobile browsing and content

Start testing immediately or contact us for more info.