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Our platform allows you perfectly to verify the behaviour of your campaign or service as if you were accessing it from a smartphone. With MOCOCHECK, you have the worldwide unique opportunity to test your campaigns and services. This allows you to offer your customers a 100% performance or carry out a market research and benchmark your competitors.


Banks and brands across all industries use mass text (SMS) messaging for loyalty programs, alerts, and information and notification services. And while SMS is the ideal means for communication in these cases, it does have a few drawbacks. For one, you can’t be 100% sure that all messages reach their destination, or whether the content displayed correctly in international markets. If the flow of the service becomes in any way disrupted, this may affect banks’ operations and brands’ customer loyalty. To ensure this does not happen, MOCOCHECK can be used to test and get following results: handset delivery date and timestamp, latency, delivery reports, number portability check, content integrity verification, etc.

MOCOCHECK allows that the service provider and quality insurance verification are delivered directly to the ICT team to verify the flow.  MOCOCHECK delivers following information: 

  • Handset delivery date and timestamp
  • Latency: how long it took for the SMS to reach the device
  • Confirmation in the form of a delivery report, either to your e-mail or to a HTTP or HTTPS service
  • Content integrity: it will compare the content of the message and let you know if the content was changed or truncated
  • Sender ID sent / Sender ID received
  • Concatenated SMS
  • Number portability

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