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Our platform allows you perfectly to verify the behaviour of your campaign or service as if you were accessing it from a smartphone. With MOCOCHECK, you have the worldwide unique opportunity to test your campaigns and services. This allows you to offer your customers a 100% performance or carry out a market research and benchmark your competitors.


VAS and content providers invest significant time and resources in local testing to promote their services and content on multiple markets. This opportunity, brought forth by increasing mobile penetration worldwide, brings numerous opportunities. However, it also brings new, complex issues. Investments could become wasted due to unforeseen issues with billing. Furthermore, that is not the only peril of a global market. Considering different languages and alphabets, the way content is displayed varies from market to market. A serious fault in content may result in users abandoning the service at the very start. To avoid such debacles and improve local testing of your content start with MOCOCHECK.

MOCOCHECK offers new possibilities to local test your content:

  • Test whether content can be accessed and is displayed properly from all mobile operators in different countries.
  • Real time billing control. No need to wait until the end of the month for the invoice to control the billing.
  • Assure that the mobile internet webpage of the service is correctly displayed to end users worldwide.
  • Easy acess to over 200+ SIM-cards instead of  buying and maintaining own SIM-cards
  • Enabling 24/7 Online – you don’t have to invest into logistics or finding people to acquire and run SIM cards.
  • Market investigation purposes – check how other similar services work from end user prospective on existing markets.
  • Service functionality confirmation – check if payment page looks & feels right for each mobile operator.

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