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Our platform allows you perfectly to verify the behaviour of your campaign or service as if you were accessing it from a smartphone. With MOCOCHECK, you have the worldwide unique opportunity to test your campaigns and services. This allows you to offer your customers a 100% performance or carry out a market research and benchmark your competitors.


Serious mobile ad networks need to be able to guarantee performance and proper targeting of their network and inventory, while mobile advertisers need to be certain their mobile ads are reaching the right audience and are displayed correctly. Therefore, using mobile ad verification and monitoring tools together with individual mobile operator targeting is especially important. There is no way of checking if ads are being displayed properly when targeting a specific geo-location or mobile operator. 

MOCOCHECK provides a solution:

  • MOCOCHECK testing devices are hosted locally.
  • Check if mobile campaign content is presented properly depending on the specific mobile device
  • Verify if ads are being displayed correctly depending on geo-location
  • Test whether ads are shown adequately and can be accessed from a specific mobile operator
  • Assure that the mobile landing pages are correctly displayed

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