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Our platform allows you perfectly to verify the behaviour of your campaign or service as if you were accessing it from a smartphone. With MOCOCHECK, you have the worldwide unique opportunity to test your campaigns and services. This allows you to offer your customers a 100% performance or carry out a market research and benchmark your competitors.


Worldwide penetration of smartphone devices has enabled developers to promote and sell their apps and games to the farthest reaches of the Earth. This is indeed great news for developers! However, it also brings new challenges. Without a reliable global network to test the app contents, developers cannot verify that their apps and games work properly in all countries. Nor can they check if payment is executed properly on a global scale when Premium SMS or Direct operator billing payment is used.

Now developers and gaming companies can use MOCOCHECK to:

  • Test and verify mobile app content and functionality internationally
  • Confirm payment is executed properly
  • Check mobile campaign content is displayed properly

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