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3 steps to save money with remote testing of Mobile Internet, Live Mobile Ad Verification, Direct Carrier Billing, Bulk SMS and Premium SMS

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    Get your MOCOCHECK account and login
    to the web from any desktop or
    laptop computer

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    Select desired country and operator,
    anywhere in the world

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    Test your SMS or mobile campaign
    and service and get instant results

What can you test

Use the only worldwide end-2-end high performance testing platform

Test Mobile Internet

If you have localized content for mobile internet web, or you want to verify what your mobile content looks like over selected operators in other countries, performing a test with reliable results might be trickier than you originally thought.

Fear not, because MOCOCHECK rises to the rescue in such occasions. Use it to check the website layout and behaviour, and test the browsing speed over 3G or 4G LTE connections.

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Test Direct Carrier Billing

Global accessibility of paid applications, apps with in-app payment and mobile web services allows people who are thousands of miles away to purchase your product or service.

However, new opportunities bring about new challenges. Controlling the execution of mobile Internet payment requires access to local SIM cards for every operator in every country.

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Test Bulk SMS

When you use Bulk SMS in your communication with customers or partners, what are the precautions you take to make sure you get the best results? Every direct communication affects your public image along with producing sales results.

This is true for loyalty programs, info and notification services used by retail, tourist agencies, insurance companies, airlines, banks, etc. 

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Test Premium SMS

Any business that uses Premium SMS to charge for content or service internationally is at risk to lose money if the payment flow is left unchecked for different countries and operators.

Value added service providers, international content providers, international mobile payment providers and others that use Premium SMS cannot afford to let things to chance. Rather, they should implement comprehensive testing to ensure the charges have been executed. That’s certainly smarter than waiting for the invoice at the end of the month to control billing.

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Test Voice Services

Our unique international VAS-voice testing platform enables you to verify instantly and in real time the service availability of your international value added service numbers without you yourself being in the country.

This quality testing service delivers reliable results and  represents a significant enhancement for the reputation of your company.

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