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The only worldwide end-2-end high performance-testing platform

MOCOCHECK enables you to ensure the quality of your Mobile, Messaging or Voice services by testing instantly them before releasing them. We have installed 3G and 4G modems with real SIM cards all over the world and we are continuously increasing the number of countries in our coverage. There is no need to buy any hardware or software, as MOCOCHECK is available from anywhere over the Internet.

Test Premium SMS with MococheckA Convenient Way to Test Premium SMS

Any business that uses Premium SMS to charge for content or service internationally is at risk to lose money if the payment flow is left unchecked for different countries and operators. Value added service providers, international content providers, international mobile payment providers and others that use Premium SMS cannot afford to let things to chance.

Rather, they should implement comprehensive testing to ensure the charges have been executed.
That’s certainly smarter than waiting for the invoice at the end of the month to control billing.

With MOCOCHECK you will be sure that investments in your international services and campaigns will not be money thrown down the drain.

  • Be smart and test the execution of Premium SMS on more than 180 operators worldwide.
  • With our real time billing test based on prepaid SIM cards, you’ll know immediately whether the billing has been carried out.
  • Instead of buying SIM cards for every country and every operator, use our affordable testing solution to simply access the web interface, available 24/7.

You will get reliable results and control your service behaviour and billing performance.

Who is it for?

Mobile network operators


There are more and more interworking problems between mobile operators. Mobile operators have to assure SMS termination to all operators globally (over 600 worldwide) and must know instantly if any country or operator is not reachable.



  • Enable automatic, regular tests that trigger alerts when countries or operators are not reachable or have problems. This is especially interesting for operators in Asia, LatAm, Africa, etc.

Content providers


In today’s global market, most of content providers are operating internationally and have clients in many different countries. A big share of content access is happening via mobile end users. These content providers need to verify whether the content can be displayed correctly and delivered with special characters.


MOCOCHECK is the right solution:

  • Test if the content access works from all mobile operators in different countries.
  • See immediately if the billing has been executed, there is no need to wait until the end of the month for the invoice to control the billing.
  • It is a significantly more affordable solution than buying and organizing your own SIM cards. We can ensure that the service is online 24/7, and you don’t have to invest into logistics or finding people to acquire and run SIM cards.
  • Market investigation purposes – check how other similar services work from end user prospective on existing markets.
  • Be sure that mobile internet webpage of the service is correctly displayed to end users worldwide.
  • Perform a service functionality test – check if payment page looks & feels right for each mobile operator.

Gaming companies

Gaming companies



Many application and solution developers have an international mobile audience, and they need to test whether it works properly.


They can use MOCOCHECK to:

  • Verify content and functionality internationally
  • Confirm payment is executed properly
  • Check mobile campaign content is displayed properly


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